semi-automatic general laminating machine

semi-automatic universal laminating machine product description
It is suitable for coating tempered film, touch screen, LCD screen, back
cover of mobile phone, various kinds of acrylic, mirror, glass and other
regular or irregular.The practical application
1) 2D/ 2.5d /3D surface coating
2) OCA fits the cover plate, and OCA fits the touch screen;
3)Adhesion of protective film to TP, adhesion of protective film to
cover plate, adhesion of TP to cover plate;
4) Adhesion of AB adhesive to tempered glass, adhesion of toughened
film to base plate;
5) The protective film and the LCD panel assembly, and the protective
film fits the whole machine;
6) The liquid crystal glass is bonded to the polarizer, and the polarizer
is bonded to the brightening film;
7)Three modes of fitting: automatic mode, pedal mode and button