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metal box case cnc machining services

metal box case cnc machining services

various kinds of metal box case cnc machining , electronics hardwares machining , aluminum cnc machining
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    Guangdong ,China
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    5-15 working days
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    50% deposit , the rest payment should be mad
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metal box case cnc machining 

 Custom, cost-effective machining solutions

•    Precision CNC machining follow customer's requirements

•    Complete CNC production, including precision CNC milling and turning

•    Complex machining, assembly, weldments, and more

•    Short run & Rapid lead times

•    Contract manufacturing for prototypes & high volume order

metal box ,case , electronics hardware oem machining services , lots kinds of aluminum and steel materials .  used in many electronics industry, electric industry etc. we can offer precision cnc machining services, cnc lathe machining , wire cutting, milling , grinding services, we also can offers a broad range of materials. Furthermore, we offer various finishing services which include sandblasting, painting, anodizing, polishing, printing and more.

We use various types of inspection equipment including an projector, digital height gauges and various other universal measuring equipment to continuously monitor and control our manufacturing accuracy. We perform set-up, in-process and final inspections to ensure that the parts we produce meet your requirements the first time.

metal box case machining

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If you have any question about our CNC Machining Service,pls write down your needs,our sales will try to answer you in 24 hours. Thank you for your attention!