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/JHXD Joined the 2019 exhibiton of SIMM In Shenzhen

JHXD Joined the 2019 exhibiton of SIMM In Shenzhen

on 2019-03-31

Shenzhen International Machinery Manufacturing Industry Exhibition is the first international-level professional exhibition recognized and recommended by the International Exhibition Industry Association (UFI) in South China. After 19 years of precipitation and innovation, it has developed into the largest scale and technical content of manufacturing equipment in southern China.  The highest professional exhibition with the widest range of categories and the best demonstration effect. SIMM has developed three major sub-exhibitions including the Shenzhen International Machine Tool Show, Shenzhen International Robot and Factory Intelligent Exhibition, and Shenzhen International Industrial Parts Exhibition, forming metal cutting machine tools,  Ten professional exhibition areas for sheet metal and pipe processing, cutting tools, industrial measurement, laser precision processing applications, industrial automation and robotics applications, precision processing, metal materials and molds, fasteners, and industrial 3D applications.

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