A brief analysis of the current situation of China's machinery parts processing industry

February 12,2018.

What is the current situation of Machinery Parts processing industry in China? Only understanding the form of the development can better invest capital, we found that the Mechanical Parts And Components production capacity can’t keep up with the development of the market in recent years, parts processing become scarce resources, currently the industry’s market prospect is very considerable, but considering the future development, enterprises should strengthen the maintenance and construction supply chain, enhancing the strategic coordination of zero, which can effectively overcome the economical industry fluctuations on parts enterprise production and operation risks and impact, making full use of the advantages of equipment and parts enterprises in recent years, and began to diversification of related mechanical parts processing industry to expand. The status of mechanical parts processing is in short supply, but not for quality and ignore the quality, now the mechanical parts processing need to meet the following characteristics to meet the market demand, and keep sustainable development of the state:

First, location accuracy

According to the degree between the actual CNC Machined Parts position of the point, line and surface and the ideal position. The project of evaluating location accuracy is based on GB/T1182-1996, which has 8 items, such as parallelism, perpendicularity, inclination, coaxial degree, symmetry, position, circle and total beat. The position accuracy is controlled by position error, and the location tolerance of each destination is divided into 12 precision grades.

Second, dimensional accuracy

The Actual CNC Machining Parts value of the diameter, height and surface distance is close to the ideal value. Dimension accuracy is controlled by size tolerance. The dimension tolerance is the allowable variation of component size in machining. Under the same basic dimension, the smaller the size tolerance is, the higher the size accuracy will be. According to national standard GB/T11800.2-1998: the size tolerance is divided into 20 tolerance levels, namely IT01, IT0, IT1, IT2, IT17, IT18. IT indicates that the standard tolerance (IT is the abbreviation for international T, tolerance of ISO Tolerance), the rank code of Tolerance is indicated by Arabic numerals, from IT01-IT18, the accuracy of the order is decreased, and the Tolerance value increases successively.

CNC Machined Parts

Third, shape accuracy

The actual shape of the lines and surface on the parts should comply with degree of the ideal shape. The project according to GB/T1182-1996 that evaluates the shape precision is divided into 6 items, such as straightness, flatness, roundness, line profile and surface profile. The shape precision is controlled by the shape tolerance, the shape tolerance are different, except for the roundness and the column degree of 13. The rest are divided into 12 precision grades. Level 1 is highest, grate 12 is lowest.

According to the contents stated above, the machining of CNC parts in China still has a large development space both in technology and demand, which can’t fully meet the demand of the market. Therefore, more research needed to further development as well as related staff should pour their heart into the analysis of the machining parts processing industry.

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